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I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.

*rare footage*

Permalink | 1 note I made a video for a video collaboration and chose the new order song “Age of Consent” and then they ended up using the video in their last world tour.
My goal is to have this not be my life’s crowning achievement. 
Permalink | 4 notes Molly Soda (neé Amalia) took this photo while we were visiting her family in Bloomington for Thanksgiving some years ago. They have these huge soft drinks for like, 69 cents. It was a great trip.
Permalink | 3 notes I lived alone for three months a couple years ago in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. After a month there was a leak in my ceiling while I was away. It ruined all of my bedding. I slept on an air mattress in my kitchen till I replaced it. A couple weeks later the kitchen sink started randomly overflowing caused by surges from the sewage system. A couple weeks later they began cleaning out the basement and flying cockroaches were unearth and moved into my flat. A couple week after that signs for six different assaulters were plastered at my subway stop and in my neighborhood.
A week later I moved.  A year later I moved to Berlin.
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Permalink | 3 notes Still haven’t bought any furniture though.
Permalink | 3 notes The first 6-8 months were a haze and a blur of self doubt but not anymore, and hopefully not again.
Permalink | 1 note For awhile there I had a palace in my backyard
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Permalink | 0 notes This grave makes me so sad because Erwin’s been waiting for his other half for so long.